Florida Christian Center (FCC)
Activities Building
1115 Edgewood Ave. S, Jacksonville, FL 32205

Find us BEHIND the FCC apartment towers (see map & image below)
Directions (printable PDF)

Activities Center, FCC

Activities Building, FCC

Note: The entire facility is wheelchair accessible. Casual dress is welcome.

For information: call the meeting clerk at 904-673-2496.

Google Map:

Jacksonville Friends Map

1115 Edgewood Avenue South is the front entrance of the FCC apartment towers, and that front parking lot is for residents only. We meet in the Activities Building behind the towers.

To find us:

  1. This stretch of Edgewood Avenue isĀ  between I-10 and Highway 17 (Roosevelt Boulevard)
  2. From 1115 Edgewood Avenue South, travel northwest from the towers
  3. Turn right onto Antisdale Street, and follow it as it bends north
  4. Turn right onto Cypress Street
  5. Turn right onto Veronica Street, which dead-ends at the gate to FCC
  6. Park in the gravel lot
  7. Walk left and then right, past the glass doors to the first pair of wood-framed doors.

Contact Information

Mailing Address: 2798 Forbes Street, Jacksonville, FL 32205
Information & Directions: Mike Shell, Meeting Clerk – 904-673-2496