Potluck & Adult Study Series, Session 6 – 9/16/2018

Session 6 of “21st Century Quakerism” (aka “Q101.21”) begins at 12:30pm on Sunday, September 16th following meeting for worship at 10:30am and potluck at 11:30am.

Q101.21 is maturing into a friendly, self-sustaining adult study group.  We welcome newcomers, and we help returning folks to “catch up” even if they have missed several sessions.

We use Rex Ambler’s The Quaker Way: a rediscovery (2013) as our primary source, but this is a not a “course” or “book study” in the traditional sense. Instead, we use group activities to inspire discussion and sharing.

Each session gives us first-hand experience of what it is like to do worship and community in the Quaker way.