Southeastern Yearly Meeting eNews article –
“Quaker Decision-making: A Presentation to Unitarians”

On August 26th, Mike Shell, meeting clerk, visited Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St. Augustine, gave a presentation during their worship service, and chatted with folks afterwards during coffee hour.

Now the Southeastern Yearly Meeting (SEYM) eNews issue for September 1st has an article about this event, “Quaker Decision-making: A Presentation to Unitarians.”

“Discernment, Clearness, & Decision-Making: How does Quaker faith & practice work itself out in our lives and actions?”

In the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), we rely on a process of centering down and waiting for inward guidance.  Our decision-making discipline enables us to set aside both individual egos and normal group dynamics, so that we can discern and give voice to diverse perspectives on a concern, and can come to unity on a choice—one which represents, not majority will or even consensus, but rather the shared “sense of the meeting.”  That is, a commitment to a collective way forward, whether or not this choice suits each of us individually.

Mike share a handout to illustrate how the & of “faith & practice” represents the discernment process.

In discernment we move back and forth between what we are informed of by our faith and what we experience in our practice of acting in a Quakerly way in the world.  Using  individual and group discernment in this way we move toward decision making.

To hear a recording of the presentation, Click here and then select the icon titled 20180826 A Quaker Service – Mike Shell.