2024/04/04 Discussion Topics

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On Friday, we’ll be discussing chapters 4 and 5 in Faith and Practice. Here are some questions you might consider before our discussion. As always, feel free to bring your own questions or topics you’d also like to discuss. – Scott

  1.  (Chapter 4, pages 79-81). What is Quaker social or gospel order? What does gospel order look in our worship group/meeting and in our daily lives?
  2. (Chapter 4, page 85). How might we as a worship group practice “pastoral care” even though we do not have pastors? Faith and Practice mentions a Care and Counsel Committee – how might such a committee do “pastoral care” and how might it be beneficial to our committee?

  3. (Chapter 4, pages 86-89). These pages address conflict resolution and peacemaking, particularly within Quaker meetings. Should personal or group conflicts arise in our group/meeting, how should we as Quakers address and resolve them? How do we plant the seeds of peacemaking before conflicts arise?

  4. (Chapter 5). Why do Quakers use Queries and Advices?

  5. (Chapter 5). How should we use the Queries and Advices in our meetings for worship, including business and other meetings?

  6. (Chapter 5). How might we use them in our daily lives? Which queries or advices speak to you in particular and why?