Resources for Newcomers

Welcome, Friends.

Here are three documents to introduce you to our Quaker Meeting and to Silent Worship:

A good start in understanding the Quaker way is to watch the QuakerSpeak interview with Arthur Larrabee, 9 Core Quaker Beliefs. There are many other helpful QuakerSpeak videos, including this set of Quaker Basics: Videos for Newcomers.

You might also want to read this brief excerpt from the introduction to The Quaker Way: a rediscovery, by Rex Amber (2013).

To learn a bit about Quaker silent worship (also called “waiting worship”), here is a brief piece that you can read and/or download. It is  followed by several longer articles and pamphlets, all of which we have permission to let people copy.

  • Speaking into the Silence” – Sydney Chambers and Carolynne Myall (1991)
    • Reprinted from the August 1991 issue of Friends Journal.
    • “Dear Helpful Hannah,” quoted from “Speaking into the Silence”, Friendly Woman, Yol. 9, No 8.

Finally, there are many other sources of information on a broad range of Quaker topics, including the pamphlets shown below, as well as informative pages of our various affiliated and partner organizations (see Contacts & Partners).

Pendle Hill Pamphlets – Printable PDF documents flyers and pamphlets
See The Pendle Hill Store and Quaker Books of FGC for many more resources