Worship Sharing

Posts including our next meeting date and our prompt.

Worship Sharing provides an opportunity for Friends to strengthen their understanding of life in the Spirit through listening to and responding to each others’ experiences and insights in a worship – grounded setting. 

In Worship Sharing, Friends respond to a specific query that provides a focus for the group. They listen deeply to what is shared without discussion. Worship sharing may last an hour, or less, depending in part on the size of the group.

Before the session, the convener (or the committee) decides on the topic or issue for the group to address. The convener or committee writes a query or prompt, perhaps adding a few short quotes for inspiration. The convener or committee may share this material in advance or hand it out before the session begins, along with guidelines for Worship Sharing .

Once friends are seated, the session begins. The group reads the guidelines and enters into contemplation of the query. Each participant may share their response to the query with the group, speaking from the silence when moved.  The convener facilitates the group, inviting each and all to speak if they wish, then closes the worship at an appropriate time.

In our meeting for worship, many or most Friends gathered often remain silent. In Worship Sharing, Friends may feel a different energy and encouragement to speak in a more directed manner since they are responding to a specific prompt.

Whether in Worship Sharing, Meeting for Worship, study group discussion, or any other way that we gather or communicate with each other, we work to nurture a deeper connection with the Divine as individuals and hope to renew and refresh each others’ spiritual lives as well.