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Hello everyone,

Here’s the query with helpful background for our first Worship Sharing coming up this Friday May 24, 10 a.m., at the Christian Meditation Center, 1112 Third Street, Neptune Beach, FL.Please join us!
“Friends are indeed called to walk gently on the earth. Wasteful and extravagant consumption is a major cause of destruction of the environment….Friends are called to become models and patterns of simple living and concern for the earth. Some may find it difficult to change their accustomed lifestyle; others recognize the need and have begun to adopt ways of life which put the least strain on the world’s resources of energy, clean air, water, and soil.”
                                                           — SEYM Faith and Practice, 2013, p. 62
“All that we have, in our selves and our possessions, are gifts from God….”
                                                           — SEYM Faith and Practice, 2013, p. 65
How does God call me to be a steward of our shared resources?  How can I walk gently on the earth?